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For centuries you roamed the void, a traveller with no destination, a pilgrim with no religion. You have seen more wonders than any mortal could dream about, and went further than any would imagine. And yet they dared raise hand at your kin. Their lance struck whom it should better have missed.

They rebelled. Just once. Make it the last time.

Make them pay.

Game created in Wrocław, Poland during Sensei Game Jam by:

  • Andżelika Jezierska - 3D modelling
  • Adam "Chopin" Andrzejczak - programming, vfx, design
  • Mateusz "MoWerr" Baran - programming, sfx
  • Marek "Pilot" Łukasiewicz - programming, UI

Special thanks for tips and advice to:

  • Michał "Spolsh" Kłoś
  • Jakub "Architect" Ławicki

W, A, S, D move
Spacebar boost
R restart
Esc quit


Armageddon 2: The Meteor Strikes Back


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